An idea is brought to reality.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to design – each situation, client, geography, and community is unique. At LAN, our goal is to meet clients’ specific needs and promote the growth of the communities they serve. With this in mind, LAN works in a collaborative environment to design solutions that improve quality of life.

Designing a project involves more than calculations and plan sheets – it requires consideration of timelines, costs, and public impact. To effectively identify potential construction challenges, constructability reviews are performed throughout design – enabling adjustments to minimize schedule delays, cost overruns, and impacts to the public.

Quality is not just a process we follow – it is a part of our company culture. Our Design Quality Control Plan is a tried-and-tested approach that meets or exceeds the rigorous demands of our clients. This system tracks and records design reviews to provide contractually agreed-upon and industry-compliant deliverables.

LAN has designed more than 500 miles of large diameter water pipeline – enough to span from Augusta, Maine to Baltimore, Maryland.

Lift Station No. 1 in Galveston, Texas was designed to withstand wind loads higher than 157 mph

Design Leadership

Justin Reeves

Justin Reeves, P.E., LEED AP

Associate, Team Leader


Justin Reeves joined LAN in 2003 and has experience delivering various infrastructure improvements across the state of Texas, including pedestrian improvements, roadway and grading design, and water and wastewater facilities, with most of his expertise in pipeline systems.  He has successfully led condition assessment and rehabilitation efforts for various sanitary sewer systems ranging from 8 to 84-inches in diameter and using several trenchless rehabilitation technologies. His water experience includes planning, modeling, condition assessment, program management, and utility design for systems up to 108-inches in diameter.

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Derek St. John

Derek St. John, P.E., CFM

Vice President

Business Group Director - Infrastructure Water Resources


Derek St. John has 15 years of experience and leads LAN’s stormwater management team specializing in hydrology and hydraulics (H&H) analysis and design. He has led numerous regional mitigation planning and design efforts for a variety of improvement projects, including drainage system master planning, watershed level H&H studies, flood damage reduction feasibility studies; and storm sewer, culvert, and basin design.

He has utilized advanced planning and analysis techniques (2D modeling) to identify not only system deficiencies, but the root causes. This in-depth understanding provides improvement concepts that address deficiencies and are tailored to project needs. His approach to design focuses on the cost effective construction, long term maintenance of the proposed infrastructure, and minimizing impact and disturbance to the community.

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