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Over time, pipeline, roadway, and facility infrastructure begin to experience wear and tear. Assessing its condition is critical to estimating its remaining useful life and cost efficiency.

Infrastructure performance is not solely related to age; material, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance are all fundamental aspects of proper function. LAN performs an evaluation of system operational characteristics, supports the development of capital improvement projects, identifies future monitoring/assessment requirements, and prioritizes rehabilitation or replacement recommendations.

In addition to infrastructure, building structures consume significant energy costs as they age. LAN works directly with clients to identify opportunities to become more energy efficient. Our years of experience show that major energy savings are not always achieved by simply upgrading to high-efficiency equipment. Our facility specialists also focus on the behavioral side of energy consumption and work with clients to customize and implement energy strategies yielding greater comfort, reduced energy cost, and increased profits.

Space heating, cooling, and lighting together account for nearly 70% of school total energy use.

LAN evaluated the pavement condition for 15 miles of centerline roadway throughout San Antonio

Condition Assessment Leadership

Jeff Thomas

Jeff Thomas, P.E., CEM, CEA, GBE

Associate, Senior Project Manager


As an experienced project manager, energy manager and electrical engineer, Jeff Thomas is responsible for overall coordination, schedules and priorities at project sites. He has direct overview of the preparation of engineering drawings, specifications and shop drawings to ensure code and regulation compliance, sound engineering practices, methods and incorporation of the client's requirements. He is responsible for overall electrical engineering on selected projects, as well as project scope definition, client relations, schedule, budget and quality. In addition, Mr. Thomas offers extensive experience in project management, the design of facility upgrades and new facilities and equipment.

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