Bond Program Management is_______________.

LAN understands one size does not fit all. We work with you to guide the selection of applicable program management tasks to ensure your needs are met without wasting valuable project dollars. Working as a team with project architects and engineers allows designers to focus on what they do best—design, while LAN concentrates on the multiple project management tasks. LAN’s extensive leadership experience ensures the team receives high-value, timely, and meaningful input. Viewing ourselves as the building owner and operator, we consider material selection, summer time operations, uniformity in equipment specifications, and the preventative maintenance of your project.

No matter how you define program management, trust that LAN is your answer and is your assurance of a “first-in-class” bond program.

Port Neches-Grove ISD — As Program Manager LAN saved the district over $25 million in design, engineering and construction costs.

Rockdale ISD — LAN served as Program Manger by handling selection of the design professionals, geotechnical engineers, surveyors and other key services providers, ultimately saving the district more than $1.5 million.

Bond Program Management Leadership

JP Grom


Vice President, Team Leader


Since 2000, JP Grom has delivered quality educational marketplace solutions to school districts specializing in program and project management with a specific focus on engineering and architecture. His background includes master planning, facility assessments, design, construction administration, and warranty periods. This unique combination of experiences allows him to deliver owners quality products with long-term value. JP provides a balance of technical competency and project management skills, a unique combination that allows him to deliver quality products with long-term value.

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