Client Velasco Drainage District

Hydraulic Study & Pump Station Design

Angleton, TX

LAN modified the existing conditions hydraulic model of the Clute-Lake Jackson Channel to evaluate various improvements to the Clute-Lake Jackson and East Levee pump stations, the two largest in the Velasco Drainage District.

Multiple alternatives were modeled to develop the most effective combination of improvements at two stormwater pump stations. A matrix of the various improvement alternatives was constructed to help identify the alternative with the most benefit using available funds.

The final recommendation included four additional pumps in a pump station house adjacent to the Clute-Lake Jackson Pump Station, two additional pumps at the East Levee Pump Station, and integrating an off-line regional detention facility adjacent to the Clute-Lake Jackson Channel. Designs included new hurricane-proof pump stations for manual operations. The Clute-Lake Jackson Pump Station was expanded to handle 1.8 million gallons per minute (gpm) and the East Levee Pump Station to 1.3 million gpm using diesel driver, vertical turbine pumps.

At a glance

Six 1,500-Hp, turbocharged diesel engines

Six 260,000-gpm vertical axial flow pumps with 96-inch discharge

Six heavy-duty, right-angle gear boxes with reducers

3.1 million gpm total capacity

Reduced flooding potential in 15,000-acre leveed watershed

Retaining walls used 4-foot thick slabs


Multiple alternatives were modeled to develop the most effective combination of improvements at each pump station

Integrated an off-line regional detention facility to supplement pumping capacity

A discharge structure was designed for each pump station to control the outfall flow and prevent excessive channel erosion

Manned pump station equipped to operate and house staff during hurricanes


Construction Mgmt & Inspection



Pipeline Design, Assessment & Rehab

Planning & Modeling

Stormwater Management

Structural Engineering

"LAN brought their multi-disciplined expertise in architectural design, civil, electrical and mechanical engineering to deliver plans and specifications meeting current codes and standards that closely matched the existing buildings and equipment... LAN's successful completion of improvements to the Clute Lake Jackson Watershed delivered a cost effective solution to the citizens of the Brazosport area and within the budget of Velasco Drainage District's taxpayers."


Angleton was founded in 1890 near the center of Brazoria County and named for the wife of the general manager of the Velasco Terminal Railway

West Columbia

Many of the events leading to the Texas Revolution developed in Brazoria County and the town of West Columbia served as the first capital of Texas.