Client The Boeing Company

Security Deployment Program


LAN was one of three firms under contract to The Boeing Company assigned responsibility for planning and deployment of Explosive Detection Systems and Explosive Trace Detection machines to meet a Federally mandated deadline of December 31st, 2002 for 100% screening of checked baggage at all commercial airports within the U.S. and associated territories.

LAN was initially assigned design responsibility for 132 airports in regions encompassing one-third of the US, but LAN successfully met early aggressive schedule requirements and was quickly assigned design and program management oversight for the entire 447-airport checked baggage screening design program.

LAN's role was twofold: assess individual airports, meet with stakeholders, and develop alternative designs, and, following that, to develop and submit individual airport assessment reports with recommended design solutions. LAN worked collaboratively with the Boeing Company Team members, TSA representatives, Federal Security Directors, airport and airlines representatives, and all stakeholders to achieve consensus on acceptable TSA checkpoint design solutions.

At a glance

$1.7B Program total

447 Airports

900 Explosive Detection Systems installed

5500 Explosive Trace Detection machines installed


All airports maintained operations through implementation

Unique mechanical, electrical and structural situations required detailed knowledge of equipment

Aggressive, two-year schedule

More than 20 airports worked on simultaneously


Construction Mgmt & Inspection



Program Management 

Structural Engineering

"If I don't say this often enough, you guys do good work. As always, thanks for working this quickly, and working well with the other team. It's noted and appreciated."