Client Texas General Land Office

Jamaica Beach Dune Restoration

Galveston, Texas

LAN was engaged for the design of a Coastal Dune Restoration and Beach Nourishment project for a segment of Gulf of Mexico beach within the limits of the City of Jamaica Beach in Galveston County, Texas. Permit approval through the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as well as other regulatory agencies was required for all projects of this nature. Due to the sensitive coastal habitat in the project area, stringent testing of project materials, coordination with governmental agencies, and environmental monitoring were also requisites during construction activities.

The Dune Reconstruction and Beach Nourishment required placement of approximately 48,000 cubic yards of sand along a one-mile length of beach to serve as coastal protection during tropical storm events and recreation for the local community. LAN modeled the project area and design utilizing the storm-induced beach change model (SBEACH) software to quantify cross-shore transport of sediments during tropical storm events to determine the most efficient use of the project budget to maximize the life of the project. Through the use of SBEACH and probabilistic analysis, LAN was able to determine approximate project lifespan and performance of beach and dune material during storm events of varying conditions. Local drainage features were also designed to allow runoff to drain across the beach without the loss of large quantities of beach material.

At a glance

48,000 cubic yards of sand
USACE permitting


Beach nourishment
Dune restoration
Coastal modeling
Environmental monitoring


Construction Management & Inspection