Client Port of Port Arthur

Port of Port Arthur - Berth 6 Design

Port Arthur, Texas

LAN provided preliminary engineering and final design for the 600-foot Berth 6 extension. The dock structure includes a pile supported, open-faced dock, steel sheetpile bulkhead or relieving platform, tie-back wall and fendering/mooring features. Other project components include site drainage and stormwater quality modifications, waterline extensions, site lighting, shoreline stabilization, demolition of existing facilities and dredging and disposal. LAN was also responsible for preparation of of a USACE Section 10/404 permit application, including identification of environmental impacts and mitigation, then successfully coordinated for approval.

LAN evaluated multiple alternatives for all structural elements. Options included precast and cast-in-place deck components, precast, auger cast and steel foundation piles, and steel sheetpile bulkhead or relieving platform. Considerations included constructability, cost, and availability of materials. The evaluation also involved the determination of necessary improvements to deepen the channel adjacent to the existing bulkhead. The fender design required an extensive evaluation of multiple options and fender sizes due to the need to maintain alignment at the face of the fender panels with the adjacent dock.

At a glance

600-foot extension

48 foot channel depth

USACE permit approval

400,000 CY new work dredging

1200 LF of shoreline stabilization


Dock alternatives evaluation

Fender alternatives evaluations

Coordination with terminal operations



Dredging Design

Stormwater Management

Structural Engineering