Client Port of Houston Authority

Bayport Container Yard 6

Houston, TX

LAN designed the North and South portions of the Bayport Terminal Container Yard 6, which totals 44.4 acres. Design improvements included all elements required for a complete and functioning yard, including site fill and grading, drainage, site utilities, electrical power and site lighting, communications and security, paving, and yard features consisting of striping, signage, and fencing. The design effort also included extensive coordination of the interface with the adjacent wharf, including design of the pavement and transition slab immediately behind the wharf structure which was included as part of the wharf construction contract. The project was constructed under two separate construction contracts.

Special tasks included an alternative empty yard paving analysis which evaluated multiple paving uses, loading criteria and thickness, an analysis of the impact of six-high container stacking on pavement life, assistance with the evaluation of existing electrical manholes for rehabilitation and subsequent rehabilitation design, an electrical distribution study to optimize the service to the remainder of the terminal; and a stormwater management study to understand the interim capabilities of the existing drainage infrastructure.

Additional services tasks included evaluation of contractor lay down areas and design of a new contractor access to facilitate current and future construction, design of the completion of the electrical infrastructure to close the building, reefer and cranes loops across the future empty yard, and evaluation of the feasibility of converting to LED light fixtures in the high mast lights.

At a glance

44.4 acres
$50 million
18-inch concrete RCC pavement


Grading, trench drains & storm sewers
Roller compacted concrete & reinforced concrete paving
Alternative paving analysis
Signage, fencing & striping
Potable water & fire protection
Sanitary sewers & lift station
Electrical distribution for cranes, buildings, lighting, container refrigeration stations, and ship to shore demands
Telecommunications & security measures
High mast lighting



Marine Terminal DevelopmentĀ 

Medium Voltage Electrical

Planning & Modeling

Stormwater Management

Structural Engineering