Client Port of Houston Authority

Bayport Phase 1 Rail Spur

Houston, Texas

LAN designed a 7,000 foot rail line to provide rail service into the Port of Houston Authority’s future Bayport Intermodal Yard. This line is the first in a multi-line corridor that will connect the existing Union Pacific rail corridor along SH 146, providing full rail access to the PHA’s container operation.The design included complete rail plan and profile design following UPRR design criteria, and existing industry track turnouts relocation, and along with numerous utility adjustments and major relocations of the two industrial pipelines.

The project included coordination with UPRR, TxDOT and the City of Seabrook for the approval and design of signalized quiet zones for three state highway crossings. Structural and hydraulic design for several major drainage structures was also included as part of the overall drainage design for the project.

LAN assisted the PHA in the planning and layout of the future rail corridor to optimize the layout of rail tracks within the proposed 100 foot rail corridor, and developed alternatives for expanding this corridor to 125 feet to maximize the corridor capacity and benefit to the future rail yard.

At a glance

7,000 feet
Three state highway crossings
UPRR coordination
TxDot coordination


Full rail access to Port of Houston Authority's container operation
Rail corridor planning and layout
Major drainage structures
Pipeline relocation



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