Client Port of Houston Authority

Bayport Container Terminal, Phase I, Program Management

Harris County, TX

For 15 years, LAN served as Program Manager for the $400 million Phase I development and operation of container, cruise, and intermodal rail facilities for the 1,100-acre Bayport Container and Cruise Terminal. Thirty individual projects comprised LAN’s Program Management contract, spanning a wide range in scope and utilizing multiple engineering and architecture disciplines.

As Program Manager, LAN was responsible for providing liaison and coordination between PHA staff, all consultants involved in the component projects, local government entities, and applicable agencies. LAN provided design criteria to support the development of the new facilities and manage the design and construction of the component projects, utilizing consultants selected by the PHA to provide the detailed design. In addition to design and construction management of the aforementioned projects, LAN has been responsible for major planning efforts related to vehicle and rail access issues, creation and implementation of a dredged material management plan, as well as various tasks that have been identified in the Phase I program management process to provide for coordination for future development.

At a glance

1,100 acres

$400 million program

1.7 million cubic yards of dredged material

1,000 feet of cruise wharf

1,330 feet of container wharf

1,000 feet of shore protection along Galveston Bay

Managed 30+ projects as part of the Phase I program


Added/accelerated 8 new projects through remaining available funds

Created and implemented a dredged material management plan

Used roller compacted concrete in portions of the cargo yard and gate


Construction Mgmt & Inspection


Land & Site Devel


Planning & Modeling

Program Management

Structural Engineering

Transportation Services

No. 1

The Port of Houston is ranked the largest US port for foreign waterborne tonnage

230 million tons

The Port of Houston handles nearly 230 million tons of cargo annually

No. 2

The Port of Houston is home to the largest petrochemical complex in the US, and 2nd largest in the world