Client Port Freeport

Port Freeport - Cold Storage Facility

Freeport, Texas

LAN provided preliminary design and bridging documents for procurement and construction of four independent climate-controlled cubicles totaling approximately 36,800 SF within an existing 58,200 SF transit shed. Three cubicles are designed for refrigerated fruit storage, equipped with two-high pallet storage racking, and capable of holding 2,424 pallets.

The cubicles were designed to operate within a range of 36- to 55-degrees Fahrenheit and are constructed of tongue-and-groove, low-temperature insulated, metal wall and ceiling panels consisting of a urethane insulation core bonded to factory-finished 26-gauge, G-90 galvanized steel sheets.

A concrete apron was constructed from a new loading dock to create access for the trucks backing into the truck docks. The existing storm sewer was modified to allow for proper drainage of the new paving at the truck dock. To provide truck drivers access to the office, a concrete stair was constructed in the existing dock apron, leading from ground level to the transit shed warehouse floor.

At a glance

36,800 SF of cubicles

2,422 pallets 


Structural modifications

Refrigeration system

Electrical system

Design-build procurement 


Cold Storage Design 


Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

Structural Engineering