Client Texas Department of Rural Affairs

Galveston County Fire & EMS Facilities Design

Galveston County, TX

Galveston County was heavily damaged by Hurricane Ike and the deficiencies in emergency services were exposed. As part of the rebuilding effort, the County was provided funding administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for the design and construction of various facilities. Facilities included the San Leon EMS Facility and Crystal Beach Volunteer Fire Department.

LAN provided engineering and design services for the following projects:

• A 12,000 SF six-bay, double-depth Fire/EMS facility with separate living quarters, equipment storage, full kitchen, a community room, and office space. The facility also required fire protection, communication, security systems, and an emergency generator.

• A 6,400 SF metal building design with back-in approach, three-bays and double depth vehicle parking. The office space was scaled back in these facilities to include community room space, restrooms and an abbreviated office suite.

• Finish-out of a metal building erected by the Volunteer Fire Department  after the Hurricane. The finish-out included numerous offices, a community room and shower spaces. Site work completed the building by providing site paving between the edge of the building and the street.

All projects required special design considerations due to their coastal proximity, including wind loading and impact resistance of the fenestration. The designs also considered the effects of coastal wave action potential. This included foundation designs that were elevated above the base flood elevation (BFE) and that could survive in “V-zones” present on the coast.

At a glance

12,000 SF fire/EMS facility

6,400 SF office space

Community Development Block Grand funded program


Heavy damage in emergency services

Coastal proximity design considerations

USACE coordination


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