Client Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport

Terminal Redevelopment and Improvement Program Design for Terminal E

Dallas, TX

As part of an indefinite deliverable/indefinite quantity (IDIQ) contract to DMJM / EJES joint venture, LAN serves as the primary mechanical engineer for the MEP design for the total renovation of Terminal E.

The project includes the efforts of multiple design firms including architecture, electrical, security and fire protection, baggage handling and communication. Close coordination with design firms, stakeholders, and the general contractor is required since release of construction documents occurs in three phases; representing three sectors of the terminal. With completion expected in December 2015, this approach minimizes the impact and inconvenience to travelers during construction.

LAN is developing and coordinating the mechanical design that includes the internal HVAC building systems that are referred to as the air side design. The piping design, which is the hot and chilled water distribution from the central utility plant, requires intense coordination with the baggage handling designer and the architect to minimize the real-estate impact.

A unique design challenge is coordination of demolition of the existing systems while providing locations for the construction of the new systems without interrupting service to the open sectors of Terminal E. LAN is providing complete mechanical construction documents and providing construction support services through the duration of the project.

At a glance

2 chilled water pumps providing 5500 tons of chilled water at a 24 degree delta T

3800 gpm heating hot water at 60 degree delta T

Roughly one mile of 10” hot water piping and one mile of 14” chilled water piping installed in the guideway along with one pump room at each end of the dual fed piping system

$2.9 billion is the total cost for the Terminal Renewal Improvement Plan (TRIP) for four terminals – $565 million of this is for Terminal E

Terminal E consists of roughly 600,000 square feet of conditioned space and 800,000 square feet of space under roof

The preconditioned air (PCA) glycol chiller and boiler plant replacement consists of two 800 ton glycol chillers in series with a leaving water temperature of 20 degrees F.  The boiler size of 2,250,000 Btuh is also connected to the 2 pipe PCA system

Terminal E has approximately 33 variable volume fan wall air handling units and approximately 600 air terminal units - For a total of over 1,000,000 cfm of conditioned supply air


With the merger of American Airlines and US Airways,  DFW Airport is a primary HUB for the national largest airline

DFW airport has become a multibillion dollar economic engine for North Texas with 1,800 flights daily, carrying over 60 million passengers a year, and employing almost 60,000 people each day

DFW is the 4th busiest airport in the US and the 9th busiest in the world