City of Sugar Land Selects LAN as Design Engineer for University Boulevard North/Stadium Drive Connection

(HOUSTON – Sept. 16, 2014) The City of Sugar Land has selected planning, engineering and program management firm Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc. (LAN) as design engineer for the University Boulevard North/Stadium Drive connection.

The roadway will connect the intersection of University Boulevard and US 90A northward through undeveloped land and over Oyster Creek. It will tie into the existing Stadium Drive alongside the city’s baseball stadium. Design is scheduled to begin in September 2014 and construction is expected to begin in March or April 2015.

“The roadway will allow better access from north Sugar Land to south of US 90A and relieve traffic on other north/south streets,” said David Manuel, LAN’s senior planning manager. “It will also provide a key crossing for the City over the Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) and access to the baseball stadium, Nalco Chemical and other surrounding development.”

The project is one of the critical components of the master thoroughfare plan developed by LAN in 2012 to address the City’s long-term growth and improve its mobility options. The master thoroughfare plan, which updated and replaced the City’s 2005 major roadway plan, included:

  • Expansion of the City’s roadway network with more complete descriptions of each roadway’s functional classification;
  • Coordination with other local and regional agencies;
  • Coordination with the City’s Hike and Bike Master Plan;
  • Development of a greater variety of typical thoroughfare cross-sections;
  • Provisions for pedestrians, bicyclists and other transit options;
  • Evaluation of UPRR’s corridor parallel to US 90A, examining potential grade separations, street closures, and potential roadway/rail track relocations.
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